The links listed on this site fall into one of three categories. First, there are links directly related to the Caravan itself. Second, there are links listed that have been shared with other sites, listing their link on mine and mine on theirs. Third, I have included some resources on the web that I have found particularly helpful in my research. The last section covers my book, The Caravan Guidebook 2023, as well as other useful books.

NOTE: Due to the transient nature of websites and web-based resources, some of these links may become inactive without my notice. Please contact me if one needs to be updated, is currently dead, or you have a suggestion for one to add.

Caravan Links
- Caravan Nation: Chris Rosenfelt's aviation consulting company specializing in the Caravan
- Cessna Caravan: Cessna's official 208 Caravan page
- Grand Caravan EX: Cessna's official 208B Grand Caravan EX page

Link Exchange
- If it moves, we will capture it digitally!
- American Aviation Historical Society
- Línea Ala: Argentine aviation history and news (Spanish)
- Marcus Herzig's Pilatus Porter site
- Roll Out: Carlos Abella's blog (Spanish)
- Ruud Leeuw's comprehensive site of Aviation History and Photography
- Toda la Aviacion: Gustavo Lepez's blog of aviation in Argentina (Spanish)
- André Oliveira's Lockheed L-1011 site
- World Airline News: Smart airline news, brief, and to the point!

Resource Links
- an online repository of aircraft photos and information
- Aviation Safety Network: an excellent directory of aircraft accidents
- Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives: another excellent directory of aircraft accidents

The Caravan Guidebook 2023
my reference guide to the Caravan airframes, now in eBook format and available on Amazon

Caravan: Cessna's Swiss Army Knife with Wings!
an excellent Caravan resource by LeRoy Cook and J.D. Lewis
Amazon | eBay

The Legend of Cessna
another excellent Cessna resource with a chapter devoted to the development of the Caravan. I have the 2007 edition. Amazon | eBay