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This website is dedicated to preserving the ongoing history of the Cessna Caravan. It is the current iteration of my research on the Caravan that I started back in 2015. Many times these kinds of projects come into existence years after production of the subject aircraft has ceased. In contrast, factory-fresh Caravans are still rolling off the production floor in Indepenence, Kansas today. To me it is a unique opportunity to preserve this information as it happens. The ongoing saga of the Caravan is truly "history in the making!"

About your webmaster
For as far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by aviation. My grandfather was a flight instructor in WWII, training pilots in both the Stearman and the AT-6. He also "herded" war-weary B-17's around the United States that had returned from duty overseas. My uncle was a USAF loadmaster on the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. My father flew thousands of hours in floatplanes in southeast Alaska and along the coast of British Columbia to and from the "Lower 48." During my youth I drew airplanes, carved airplanes, assembled airplane models, pored over airplane magazines, and folded hundreds (if not thousands) of sheets of paper into flying machines. It was soon after highschool graduation that I really discovered my personal niche, aviation history. That discovery has turned into a personal hobby of mine, resulting in many happy hours poring over aviation-related books, magazines, and websites.

A site like this is not possible without the help of individuals and groups who submit photos and information, correct errors and mistakes, or help spread the word about the project to others. I would like to recognize the following who have contributed in some way to make 208caravan.com a better website:

American Aviation Historical Society, André Oliveira, Bruce Drum, Carlos Abella, Hayden Hamilton, Henk Wadman, Johan Visschedijk, Línea Ala, Marcus Herzig, Ron Dupas, Ruud Leeuw

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